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Chantal has been teaching and assisting expecting families in the New York Metro area since 2003. She is a Certified Doula (A.L.A.C.E), Certified Childbirth Educator (CEA/MNY, LAMAZE), Certified Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Certified MUTU® Systems trainer and specializes in Bodywork for the Childbearing Year.

Chantal provides a comfortable and supportive environment for a positive birth experience. She incorporates her prenatal yoga and massage skills. Experienced with VBAC and twin births and Gentle Cesareans. She also offers Private Childbirth Preparation classes, Newborn Basics and her Pushing Power workshops.

Doula Services

Before the Birth - Prenatal Visit

I meet with you in your home for a prenatal meeting to explore your desires, hopes and wishes as well as any doubts and fears you may have surrounding labor. We will go over your birth plan and your needs and thoughts and fears about your upcoming birth so that I can support you the most effectively. I will help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for it.

During Labor


I will join you when you feel the need for extra support and stay with you until after your baby is born. As you labor, I remain close by, supporting you physically and emotionally, answering questions, offering encouragement and suggesting ways to manage pain. I may use relaxation techniques, massage, body positions, hot or cold packs, baths or showers, relaxed breathing and attention focusing techniques to help you. I will support and reassure your partner, often supporting him in assisting you with comfort measures.

After The Birth – Postpartum visit

I will help you through the postpartum procedures and with early breastfeeding. Over the next few days, I will keep in touch with you to see how you are doing.I will meet with you for a final postpartum meeting within two weeks after birth although some families want a meeting sooner. After our postpartum meeting, if you need more help, I can assist you as a postpartum doula for a more extended period of time.


“Chantal saved me from having a c-section, TWICE. During my second pregnancy I decided to enlist the help of an experienced doula to improve my chances of a VBAC. During the 34th week of my pregnancy, the baby’s weight gain began to slow…more…

Rini Greenfield.

“Dearest Chantal,
As a girl, becoming a women and today becoming a first time mom... Yes! I accumulated millions of thoughts, desires, worries, questions through out those years.... And, You walked through my door and a sense of Peace arises….more…”

Zofia and Jean Reno

“Chantal's sensitivity and understanding about how important it was for me to give birth naturally was encouraging and grounding, both when I was first considering a natural birth, and then during the birth itself. On the day of the birth we…more…”

Lili Taylor


“I attended Chantal’s Pushing Workshop a few months ago and I still talk about it! The workshop was absolutely phenomenal as it was not only informative and educational, but Chantal also made it a very welcoming and…more…”

Dr. Rachel Goldman

“Her Pushing workshops were an invaluable source of information. As a first time mom, I believe Chantal is the reason I had such a low stress labor and a very quick delivery!
Before and during my labor Chantal…more…”

Liz B.

“When I heard about this workshop, I knew I wanted to attend. What I didn’t know was just how incredibly informative and empowering it would be. Chantal has years of experience as a doula and birth educator and she shares her wisdom…more…”

Anita S.


childbirth education

& birth training

Private Sessions

Chantal offers private Childbirth Education classes in the comfort and privacy of your home. The private sessions are designed to meet your needs and desires for your birth.

The class will cover all aspects of labor, both physically and emotionally. We will discuss all natural pain coping options and complete explanations of pain medications and technology available. The emphasis is on labor being a normal body process and having as many pain coping choices as possible. 


Childbirth Refresher/ VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

Yes, Vaginal birth after Cesarean delivery is possible! Chantal explains the benefits (and risks) of both VBACs and repeat cesareans. The class is designed for Mothers preparing for a Vaginal Birth After a previous Cesarean.

We work on overcoming fears about labor, and explore pain-coping techniques. We'll also discuss the hospital's routine procedures to avoid. We spend time reviewing the first birth and we will also discuss the differences of this pregnancy and family adjustment as compared to the first.

postpartum support

With her wealth of birth experiences and training, Chantal offers a wise, understanding ear to women who may have experienced a physically traumatic or emotionally disappointing birth. She will offer consult to help you process and reframe your birth experience. She understands that if you felt disempowered with your birth experience you may need a lot of healing postpartum. She will help you reclaim your power!

Over the past 15 years, Chantal has attended over 680 births providing education and counsel to hundreds of expecting families in the New York Metropolitan area.

Chantal understands the needs and challenges for women during pregnancy, birth & postpartum and is passionate about helping you empower every aspect of becoming a mother.