Vanessa Carlton

Chantal gave my partner and I the tools and guidance we needed to get through a first time labor. Of course nothing went as planned and Chantal was as flexible as water. I’ll never forget when she told me to listen for my babies cry just before my daughter was born.  And the way that she showed my partner how to push on my back. Such relief! Also, she helped me achieve my goal of staying at home for as long as possible. She was a teacher, a guide, a friend, an advocate at the hospital. And not dogmatic in the least. A true sage. Thank you Chantal, love V.


Dr. Jaqueline Worth, MD

I have had the privilege to work with patients in labor who have taken Chantal’s Pushing Power workshop. I can say without exception that they know how to push in a way that both protects the pelvic floor and is incredibly effective. Three cheers for Chantal!!!

Thank you for making my job so much easier and my patients' lives so much better.


Dr. Gabrielle Lyon D.O.

Having a Doula was a new experience for me as a physician. I have never navigated childbirth and thought it essential to have support. Having Chantal in the room during the whole process was extraordinarily comforting and helpful. She is diligent, present, knowledgeable and able to coordinate all the chaos and moving parts of a birth.
I highly recommend her.


Sara Ruvinsky, Physical Therapist / Ergonomist

Chantal Traub’s Pushing Power class was wonderful. As a physical therapist that treats the pelvic floor, I know first hand how important it is to be physically and mentally prepared for delivery to ensure the healthiest outcomes. Chantal’s class was both informative and experiential. She provided moms to be and their partners with the didactic knowledge needed to understand the anatomy, and then guided everyone through specific movement exercises to reinforce the concepts and to practice for the big day. Chantal helped to alleviate anxieties by patiently answering questions and sharing her own experiences attending births over the years. If every woman giving birth had the opportunity to take this class and learn how to protect the pelvic floor during labor and delivery, I would have a lot less patients!

I highly recommend this class. 


Dr Emily Splichal, Functional Podiatrist

I am so grateful for the information provided in Chantal’s Pushing Power workshop.   The accessibility of the content was perfect for any momma-to-be.  My favourite part was hearing Chantal’s approach to the last phase of pushing to allow the natural rhythms of the body to flow which can reduce tearing and honours the woman’s body.

Highly recommend! 

Erin Oglesby, Cranial Sacral Therapist

Chantal’s Pushing Power Class was one the the most important things I’ve done in my pregnancy. As a CranioSacral Therapist who works with many pregnant women I wanted to gain knowledge to help my clients. I learned about ways to tweak what I had already been doing to be more effective in making space for baby and how to support in protecting the pelvic floor. However most significantly I learned about my own body and how to work with it rather than against it when it’s time for labor and the pushing stage. Best positions, how to handle crowning, letting my breath support me. I left class with a clear vision of how I can move through this intense experience with confidence and ease. I took class at 25weeks, which I thought might be too early, but I’m so happy I did because it’s given me lots of time to work with my posture, practice relaxing the pelvic floor and envisioning the use of all the tools we learned. Also extra bonus, the gift bags were AMAZING! Thank you Chantal for helping me to release a layer of fear around birth I never knew I had and giving me the courage to confidently face one of the most important experiences of my life, the birth of my first baby!


Tarah Womack CPT

Being a Certified Pilates Teacher I attended Chantal’s Pushing Power workshop for professional advancement and because I was pregnant too. Often in Pilates we focus so much on global movement that we overlook the deeper soft tissue that is constantly changing as are the biomechanics in pregnant women. Chantal’s workshops provide great insight to the mother’s journey. She teaches the importance of pelvic alignment and muscle balance as well as control over the pelvic floor and its connection to breath. All which are necessary tools to help clients prepare for labor and restore pelvic health. I would highly recommend any of her workshops. Her knowledge is invaluable.


Carrie Elston Tunick

We felt so fortunate to have Chantal as our doula. Our first birth experience had been a traumatic one, and in our first meeting Chantal spoke about helping women who had had traumatic births reclaim the birth experience as a positive one. Our second birth was easy and beautiful, and felt amazingly manageable, thanks to her guidance and support. We were able to slow things down and feel in control, which was something I had never imagined possible. We now have a healthy baby boy, and I am able to look back at his birth with joy, in large part thanks to Chantal. 



Dr. Charles Swencionis, Ph. D.

Chantal is the best doula I have ever worked with in many years teaching HypnoBirthing. Chantal is open to learning, already knows more than others, and totally respectful of what mothers want. No one understands more about birth, and no one is more qualified to teach mothers what to do and how to do it better than Chantal


Shannon Winer

Chantal was our doula for the birth of both of our daughters, born 16 months apart. (We would most certainly recommend her to any of our friends in that capacity!). I used an epidural and had some tearing with our first daughter because I did not effectively control my pushing and I lost control of my breathing. The recovery was long and painful. And not surprisingly, I had quite a bit of anxiety around the 2nd stage of labor the second time around. Intending to deliver naturally with our second, I attended Chantal’s Pushing Power class (and educated myself in other areas she had recommended as my doula). The class familiarizes expecting moms with the anatomy of the pelvis, what happens as baby moves into the pelvis, and importantly for me, how to effectively move the baby down and out with minimal intervention using positioning and breath. As a second time mom, some of the material was repetitive. And for me, the repetition is what helped me to remember how to control myself when the time came to breath and push our second little one down and out. I did not use an epidural, and using the cues that Chantal had taught, was able to control my pushing and breathing. I had an incredible (albeit intense) birth experience. I did not tear at all. And I felt like “myself” within hours of delivery. I would definitely recommend adding her Pushing Workshop to your birth preparation toolbox.


Andrea, Munish & Amari

We were quite lucky in that Chantal came highly recommended by our OBGYN, who had established a trusting working relationship with her. Still, we interviewed several others. We felt immediately at ease with her balance of calming demeanor and knowledgeable professionalism; her wisdom clearly demonstrated her decades of experience. As this was our first, we were looking for a doula who would help inform both of us on how the labor was progressing, but also enable my husband to be as involved and supportive as possible.

Throughout the end of our pregnancy she offered helpful readings and suggestions as we approached our due date.  During the labor, she spent hours laboring at home with us and then, during the labor, talked us through the implications of every potential medical intervention, offering calming explanations and also possible alternate courses of action.  In the end, we had exactly the birth we were hoping for and Chantal is a large part of the reason why.  We were very happy with the excellent team of our OBGYN and doula that took us through this magical expansion of our family.  


Alyssa, Alex & Callen

I knew I wanted someone at the birth to advocate for me from the start. I had met Chantal at one of her "Pushing Power" workshops - a great informative on birth and protecting your pelvic floor. Chantal was supportive, open and knowledgeable. I am so glad I met her and had her at the birth. Honestly, if we didn't have her there I no doubt would have had a C-section. 

The moment Chantal was of the up most importance, was after I was laboring for most of the day I was getting ready to move into the pushing stage. We  found out the baby was in the sunny side up position and immedietly my doctor went to look and see if the OR's were available. Chantal was calm and gently suggested we try different forms of pushing. She got my nurse and doctor on board and after trying different things we were able to find a position that didn't stress the baby and allowed me to have the birth experience I wanted to. 

Ellie B.JPG

Ellie Bastani

Chantal Traub is an amazing doula - we couldn’t be happier with our experience. Not only is she professional and most importantly knowledgeable, but she is also very warm, understanding, and caring. Her personality and extensive experience really put our minds at ease and helped prepare us for our delivery. She was thorough in coaching us to meet our goals and worked collaboratively with our doctors. She helped create a calm environment in our delivery room and gave us the support we needed at the different stages of our labor. Her positive and calm attitude and experience in the NY medical community really came into play during our delivery.

We strongly recommend Chantal - she is wonderful to work with!


“Thank you Chantal for everything - you’re amazing! you gave me the confidence to meet my goals and the skills to make it happen!!!

I couldn’t have done it without you. Lots of love.”


“ Thank you Chantal. your stories, props & visualizations were really tremendous - they definitely left an impression and shifted my way of thinking about pushing : - ) Best wishes, Ghia.”

“Thank you chantal! Your Pushing Power workshop was incredibly informative, even for someone who has been through it before. I feel more prepared and confident for whats to come.”

“Very useful to know Pelvic floor health isn’t only about kegels”. Lisa F