Chantal's sensitivity and understanding about how important it was for me to give birth naturally was encouraging and grounding, both when I was first considering a natural birth, and then during the birth itself. On the day of the birth we stayed at home through early labor, where Chantal encouraged me to try different labor positions to help my baby move into her optimal position. As the time to leave for the hospital approached, Chantal coordinated with my doctor by phone, making sure everything was in place for our arrival. 

Once we arrived at the hospital, because of her relationship with the hospital staff. we were able to bypass triage and go straight to our labor and delivery room. Once we were in the delivery room, my doctor and the nurses were very supportive and accommodating of our needs--they trusted how Chantal worked and so we were allowed to be alone when we needed to be, with only intermittent monitoring. The lights were kept low and, with the help and encouragement of Chantal, I was able to assume labor positions that were the most comfortable for me. And when it was time, after seven hours in the hospital, I was supported in choosing my own breath and when to push. 

Our baby was born healthy, and is now a beautiful little girl.

I cannot thank Chantal enough for her support and caring through the whole process. 

Lili Taylor