Chantal was a wonderful doula, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She was responsive throughout my pregnancy and always happy to chat about any questions or concerns that came up.
I learned more about pregnancy and childbirth from Chantal than any book. She helped me prepare for childbirth by giving me exercises to help get the baby in the correct position and to help strengthen my core and open/relax my lower body.

Her Pushing workshops were an invaluable source of information. As a first time mom, I believe Chantal is the reason I had such a low stress labor and a very quick delivery!
Before and during my labor Chantal was an excellent support for both me and my husband. As first time parents this was invaluable, as it helped alleviate any fears we had of this huge and exciting unknown.
Chantal has a calm and quiet confidence and you can feel all of the love and respect she has for being a part of this journey.
She also captured some of the most magical photos of my daughters first moments of life!
Thanks to Chantal we had a wonderful birthing experience and would recommend her to anyone expecting a baby!

-Liz B.