Postpartum body Rehab Program

Rebuild your core  postpartum!

Rebuild your core postpartum!

Do bouncy houses scare you? Do you avoid jumping or high impact activities? Do you leak a little every time you sneeze?

Has your core never been the same after you've had your baby? Do you want to feel strong and resilient?

One of the many reasons why women feel some or all of the above is due to a diastasis recti or a dysfunctional pelvic floor. Diastasis recti is when your abs seperate so much that your connective tissue between your abs become so thin that your abs never fully come back together. This and a weak pelvic floor can become very distressing. You dont have to live like this, it's never too late to heal and restore postpartum!

The MUTU® system helps restore the body back to functionality and strength.
This structured program incorporates breath, movement, mobility and exercise to heal your mummy tummy and Diastasis Recti. Each program incorporates safe and effective ways to strengthen your core and pelvic floor correctly.

I specialize in postpartum rehab. I will guide you through the movements and exercises that help rebuild your core. I will educate you about posture and alignment, modify your exercises based on your individual needs and help you identify the movements that are making your core weaker.

Together with my classes, it may be helpful for you to have your own copy of the MUTU® System so that you can continue your recovery at home in between sessions.

Here’s a free download of “10 things your Doctor didn’t tell you”.

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I offer private, semi-private and group instruction. If you’d like to schedule a postpartum rehab session or learn more about my classes. Please email me.

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