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Pushing Power

Giving birth can be one of the most significant events of any woman's life, and it may also bring up a lot of anxiety and fear, especially around pushing and tearing.

  • In this workshop, we will learn to connect the breath and the pelvic floor. We will find the landmarks in the bony pelvis in ourselves and determine how the pelvis and the baby interact during birth.

  • Understand the essential role of the muscles of the pelvic floor and how they help the baby rotate and get into optimal position.

  • Discover what 2nd stage of labor is and what happens during pushing.

  • Review alignment and postural habits to encourage optimal fetal positioning & minimize pain in labor.

  • Learn strategies to shorten the pushing stage and review positions and breath for pushing. How to prepare for Pushing and how others can help you.

  • Whether an epidural or natural birth is planned; this workshop will leave you confident and prepared!

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Earlier Event: August 15
Pushing Power